What is Virtual Health Coaching?

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I bridge the gap between my clients and other health professionals like personal trainers, nutritionists, and physicians.

For those who have specific health goals and few health issues, a health coach may be the first and only stop on the journey to success, whereas clients with more complicated or serious health issues may work with a health coach as a part of their larger team of professionals.

My approach as a health coach is primarily client driven. I realize that transforming one’s life is an enormous undertaking, and that even the most motivated of people will struggle at times to maintain that motivation, but the initiating desire will exist in a client who is ready to work with a health coach.

I regard dietary nutrition as important to achieving optimal health and make recommendations on food, supplements etc. to that end, but I also encourage my clients to explore the non-dietary areas which may progress or hinder their success. I am a non-diagnostic wellness provider.

In this way, my health coaching practice is extremely different from that of a doctor, nutritionist, or trainer. These professionals do typically evaluate, diagnose, and create specific meal, activity, and prescription regimens for their clients. Often, these evaluations and diagnosis must be made in person, requiring that the professional exist in some physical proximity to the clients. Since I work primarily through Skype and email, there is no geographic limit to my practice. Rather that performing the same job as these other wellness professionals, I work with my clients to support them in following their professionals plan should they choose to do so.

If my clients choose not to work with any other health professionals and I feel that they are prepared to achieve success solely through health coaching, I create a tailored coaching plan with them which keeps in mind their goals, desires, beliefs, preferences, lifestyles, and abilities.

Once the plan is created, I help my clients put it into action. This means regular check-in calls and communication via email. It means providing information which can support my clients goals. It means talking through their achievements and perceived failures so they can learn and grow from them. It means discovering ways to stay motivated, to form positive habits and to let go of negative ones. It means supporting them while they do the work needed to achieve the life they deserve.

If you find yourself struggling to achieve small or large health goals, I encourage you to reach out for a free coaching consultation.