Welcome to my corner of the web! My name is Nicole and I am and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I grew up in Brooklyn NY and still call it home.

I spent many years wandering through life without a clear vision for how I wanted to experience life. At any given time over the past ten years I have supported myself by piecing together multiple freelance or part-time gigs. I also struggled with a myriad of eating disorders in my teens and early 20’s which had some fairly serious consequences for my health.

I felt a bit lost, and have only recently come to realize that the aimlessness of my past was pointing me in a pretty specific direction. In my late 20’s I began to explore veganism, and a plant-based diet helped me find more meaning in food then I ever could imagine. I learned how to be whole again, and how to nourish not only my body but my spirit through health and career oriented goal setting.

This is what drove me to health coaching. I want to help others experience the transformative power of taking their health into their own hands, of finding meaning in their choices, and of pursuing their own passions and goals.

Nicole Cappiello, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach